“Paul’s expertise and insight on the intricacies of all things ESOP – specifically fiduciary matters such as IRS compliance – is unmatched. He has become an invaluable resource for our company as we transition into the unchartered territory of becoming 100% Employee-Owned.  He possesses an impeccable attention to detail and follow-through, and commands audiences of all sizes and types with his vibrant presentation skills.” 

Carol S. DiSano
Federal Schedules, Inc. 


“WorkPlace Consultants provides innovative and creative solutions to all manner of ESOP issues and problems.  Paul Horn has significant academic and work experience with ESOPs, ownership culture issues, and employee benefits.”

Richard “Dick” Duffy
Ownership Visions, Inc.

Paul leads discussion of ESOP ABC's.

Paul leads discussion of ESOP  survivor game.


“A constant at both Regional and National ESOP conferences, Paul Horn is always an informed, inspiring, and most importantly, an entertaining presenter.  Paul’s vast experience in ESOP matters, from both “hands-on” at American Systems, and now as owner of WorkPlace Consultants, LLC, makes him one of the premier speakers at those conferences.  I always try to attend at least one of Paul’s sessions when attending ESOP conferences and have always come away with at least one new piece of information to consider.  Having served with Paul as a member of the ESOP Association’s Mid Atlantic Chapter’s Steering Committee and as an officer of the chapter, I know our chapter wouldn’t be the same without him.” 

Steven W. King
Gala Industries, Inc.

“Paul Horn is an excellent ESOP consultant with a detailed practical understanding of ESOPs.  He is an uncommonly good communicator with a valuable technical and practical background.  His practical experience includes operational responsibility of a large 100% ESOP as company benefits director where he actually had to make things work.   Paul’s legal skills also make him well-qualified to do work as an independent ESOP fiduciary. The ESOP Mid-Atlantic Chapter is fortunate to have someone this talented in a leadership role.”

Peter H. Briggs
Managing Director, Shareholder Strategies, Inc.

“Paul has been a cornerstone of the ESOP Mid-Atlantic Chapter for many years, providing creativity, expertise, and advice to hundreds of employee-owned corporations.  You will not find anyone better able to explain plan benefits and ESOP advantages to all levels of your employee population.”

Keith Robertson
Former Manager, Comsonics, Inc.

“Paul Horn is the “go to” person for practical ESOP advice.  He has tremendous experience as a government regulator, ESOP company benefits director, ESOP Association Chapter President and Committee Chair.  Paul is a dynamic speaker and his amazing creativity helps us put on fantastic ESOP Chapter conferences.”

Tom Roback
Managing Director, Blue Ridge ESOP Associates


Dr. ESOP with DCS employee owners in 2014.

“Paul makes complex ESOP concepts understandable – and this will help you build business value.  We’ve had Paul work with our ESOP committee as well as make presentations to our company.  The results are always positive.”

Don Taylor
Director, Information Systems, CALIBRE

“Paul is a true expert in the field of retirement plans and employee stock ownership plans.  He is very knowledgeable and able to convey his knowledge in a straightforward, down-to-earth manner in terms others can understand.  As icing on the cake, he is witty, insightful, personable and a lot of fun to be around.  I give Paul my highest recommendation.”

Laurie Dalton
VP, Global Compensation & Benefits, Gate Gourmet

“Paul’s leadership and experience are invaluable.  Paul Horn is extremely creative and clear in explaining ESOP concepts to a variety of audiences.  I’ve known Paul for many years through our ESOP Chapter and I’ve always found his presentations to be both enjoyable and informative.”

Jeff McCartney
Former Vice President, Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.   

Paul and fellow 2014 NCEO conference attendee.

Paul and fellow 2014 NCEO Atlanta conference attendee.


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